Beautiful is so Ugly

by jonnahzkennedy

I just realized how much I hate the word “beautiful”; maybe it has something to do with people using it all the time now to try and sound sophisticated (I guess), in such contexts as, “Oh, the plot was so beautifully woven.” I don’t know why, but it just crawls under my skin.

On another note: I’m done with American Horror Story, simply because a) I’m sick of the goddamned musical numbers; it was fine in Asylum, it was downright disrespectful in Freak Show and now that it’s going to be in the fifth season apparently (because Ryan Fucking Murphy just loves musicals and season five is supposed to be about some musical hotel) I don’t think I can do it, b) I have little faith that what could be a thriller like that of Hitchcock, I doubt they’ll be able to keep it up and we’ll be left with some half baked piece of crap about ghosts, and c) the writing for the show is actually pretty bad; as the opinion goes and holds true, Murder House and Asylum were excellent seasons, very well written; Coven and Freak Show, I think some people got dropped from the team because…why? I’d like to know.

Either way, with an ensemble cast of a degrading Jessica Lange, Lady Gaga, and Evan Peters among others (truly, the only reason I might even consider season five is fro Sarah Paulson and Finn Wittrock who actually have a decent amount of talent that they seem to be able to apply with any material they’re given. What could have been a truly game changing horror show has turned into a Broadway debacle I don’t want to be a part of any longer.