2015 New Workout Plan: For Reading

by jonnahzkennedy

So, I really should have posted this a little bit earlier, but I still think it’s appropriate to post it even now. So, this year, I set a goal for myself: read 120 books. That means at least 10 books a month. Last year I barely managed at least 2 a month, and even then. So far, I’ve read 4 books this month, so only 6 more to reach my goal, and it’s only the 11th at the writing of this post, I’m currently working on my 5th (Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk), so I think I’m doing well. Another part of my challenge is that, each month I will read at least one book outside of a genre that I normally read: for me, I rarely read romance, never have read erotica, rarely read crime, science fiction, or fantasy. So, here’s the workout plan guys:

  • At least 5 books a month, but I suggest 10
    -This means, if you decide to read 10 books per month, depending on the sizes of these books, you’d be reading about 3 books a week: to keep up this pace, I’d say read books less or at least 300 pages a piece. Some authors who write very short and enthralling books are Chuck Palahniuk (all his books are just around 300 pages at least check), Bret Easton Ellis (the book of his that I’m reading at the moment, Less than Zero isn’t even 200 pages), Earnest Hemingway, Faulkner, Jack Kerouac, and other great writers from the past. You don’t have to go extreme and read something like War and Peace, but if you do, then you get a pass for lifting big time. If you were to read 5 book, you’d only be on a book a week (one week you’d read 2). You may read multiple books at once, I’m doing it. This keeps everything varied and keeps you from being dragged down by one book you may not really like at a particular moment.
  • Each month, read at least one author that you’ve never read before
    -This month, I finally read Chuck Palahniuk, and I’ve fallen in love.
  • Each month, read at least one book in a genre you’ve never read before
    -For me, this has been transgressive fiction, I really do like it; I “hope” to finally read an erotica novel, I mean a straight one, this year as well. It will likely be in February, just in time for the Fifty Shades of Gray premiere.
  • Reread a book a month (this does count towards that 5/10 book goal)
    -This can be a book you’ve read before or it can be one that you read that month; I’m rereading Pygmy, the book I recently finished this month.
  • Fall in love with at least one book a month, this means tearing this book apart and understanding what makes it tick. I’ll be doing this with Chuck Palahniuk’s Pygmy, which I just finished reading, at the end of the month, so be on the look out for that.

But, even if you don’t follow the workout plan, at least read more than you did last year and get out of your comfort zone. Learn to sweat a little. You don’t get stronger sitting.