The Interview has been Cancelled

by jonnahzkennedy

(Excuse my French sirs and madams, but…) Fuck Sony and the Sony Hackers, and of course, Kim Dong-un and his Merry Band of Murderers. It had recently been announced that Sony has cancelled the theatrical release of the Rogen-Franco comedy “The Interview” which has attracted much negative attention lately, and furthermore has been the inspiration for completely EMPTY threats against Sony if they release the film. Well, America, good job. You rolled over and got your belly rubbed, are you fucking happy now? Can you die peacefully? Can you rest easy tonight? We were not even a week from release, so we don’t know if anything would have happened our not, and I guess we never will; as I said in my Yahoo! comment, this rolling over and taking the shit is absolutely reprehensible, and I’m both heartbroken and completely enraged by it all: when did we allow cyber-terrorists to control our media, what makes us happy, laugh, and cry? No country held up The Hunger Games from being released, even though it’s political and social agendas are more than obvious to the half acute person, yet The Interview get’s shit because it just happens to be a little bit more direct in its meaning. I’ll be the first one, though, to download it off the internet as soon as someone manages to break into Sony and steal it, just because I still believe in entertainment. Here’s my most recent comment on the subject for all those interested:

This is absolutely reprehensible and awe-some (in both senses), not because of this movie, but because of the fact that a movie can stir such international terror. On one level, this gives me some hope that entertainment will be taken seriously again, on another level this makes me fear for its future: a couple of empty threats about bombing theaters sounds like little more than the fantasies of teenagers who want to be Eric and Dylan, but without the gall to go through with it. When did fiction become reality? In the modern era, when satire has replaced allegory, I don’t understand what’s the problem with this movie: all it is an extended episode of South Park, a reboot of Team America, and other crude (and hilarious!) shows/movies. If North Korea was an actual threat, then this movie wouldn’t be a problem for them: in fact, America wouldn’t be a problem for them, because they wouldn’t keep letting us step on their toes like we have been, how we’ve been taunting and teasing them, and what, when will they snap? Next year, five years, fifty? If the North Korean government (because, it’s wrong of me to say ‘North Korea’, as that implies I’m speaking of the people as well, and they have nothing to do with the affairs of their Orwellian government, nor do they deserve to be grouped with such terrible people, when they themselves had no say in the matter from birth) was truly offended, some coastline would have been hit by this point, wouldn’t it? the Government of the People’s Republic are little more than a group of teenagers with Fourth of July poppers who keep telling people that they’re going to set off the big ones NEXT YEAR, and the year after that, and the year after that still, but never do we see the sky awash with fiery light, and for this matter, I do not fear them; what I do fear is that America is about to be squashed like some overturned beetle, because let’s be honest: in the wake of this movie being CANCELLED, we’ve got our stomach exposed and our tear ducts on high. Were I Rogen or Franco, I would be furious about this, were I anyone (a writer for example, since that’s what I am) who worked on something for a period of time, had it scheduled to be released, only to have it called off because someone was just a little bit too offended of my overuse of a certain word (think Tarantino in this regard), I’d never rest till it got released, and I’d write some crappy sequel just to amp up the offense! I don’t mean to come off so hostile, but, to say the least, this pisses me off that we’ve allowed this to happen: America=strong, brave, and free? I think I might have made a mistake in my calculations…I don’t see the difference in this and hundreds of other, far more offensive things online that have become just as widespread; the only thing that this movie has over all those things is that, people take this with an ounce of seriousness and because of this, everyone busts a nut. I hope the movie is pirated online and becomes a cult classic of the era of some kind, or I hope Direct-To-DVD sales make up for not only all the money lost, but all the time that went into the film; I do hope to see more satires in the future though, and not the YA pulp that’s being put out, but actual satire that aims to revive Orwell, Golding, Huxley, Burgesses, and others since there’s little room left in the world to be direct anymore.