Harry Styles Fan Fiction Author Anna Todd Secures Six-Figure Deal For Publishing ‘After’

by jonnahzkennedy

Harry Styles Fan Fiction Author Anna Todd Secures Six-Figure Deal For Publishing ‘After’.

This is an impromptu rant. I cannot believe this is happening again. Seriously, what is wrong with publishing houses? What happened to the days when you sat down and you wrote about original, compelling characters with incredible and vast settings that you come up with in your head? What happened to the days of spending months and months trying to find an agent, an editor, and subsequently a publishing house for something that you worked hard to craft? I have never been more pissed off about fanfiction, because it never really bothered me, I just never saw the appeal, I never understood how you could write about something that is not yours and then put it up, but I allowed it to pass. But when fanfiction writers are getting six figure deals, sometimes seven figure deals if you happen to be in the right situation for their trash, yes I’m seriously calling it trash because that’s what it is, it is not literature, it is fanfiction tripe and it will never mean anything to the literary world and I do not condone it, and I hope that no one ever writes fanfiction of my work, because I will scold it and I will most definitely make sure that I will find a way not to affiliate with my work. I believe that stories have the power to inspire people, people have the power to inspire people, but come up with your own people and stories! E.L. James has no right being as famous as she is, in truth Cassandra Clare–oops I meant Cassandra Claire as her original pen name went, because they did not formulate their worlds on their own, they simply took and ripped. E.L. James is a lot worse than Clare, but Clare is a lazy and idiotic writer who leaves gaping plot holes and terribly characters running all about her books. I am sick of it really, because while personally have not written the most decent fiction to be published by a major publishing house, I still believe that my fiction is well written enough to possibly be accepted, what is more though, all of you writers who are reading this have probably worked three times, four times, ten times as hard as I have to churn out thousands of words, get through tough times, and actually create fiction that matters and that should be published, deserves to be published, it is you all who deserve the six figure advances, you shouldn’t have to grovel and pay hundreds of dollars just to  get your book noticed, it should not be this hard for those amazing writers out there, far better than I, who have not even been heard of by a publishing house, and I’m sorry that I am being blatantly harsh, aggressive, and most of all scathing, but I cannot contain my anger at this article. We should be praising these fanfiction writers, because in my opinion, they are not real writers. What annoys me most of all is that, the publisher is going to change the names of the characters and call it a brand new story: what  bullshit! I’m absolutely redlivid right now, but I think I’m cooler now because you all have read this story. I wish the best of luck to Anna Todd, and I hope that she gets fat and happy as she rolls around in her staggering royalty checks, and I hope she lives a happy life as she makes millions!


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