The Train Doesn’t Stop For Anyone

by jonnahzkennedy

Good Morning, I hope that you had a good sleep. I can’t say I did, yesterday was the last day of school: HOUSE PARTAAAY! Jking: as if I have friends to have a House Partay with.

 poo beer

Moving on though, I’m not here to make jabs at myself: we’re here to talk about writing.
Likely, many of you have reached the point, at one time or another, where you’re just like ‘I can’t do this, I just can’t; no one is reading this crap, no one cares, and I’m wasting my time pretending that someone is reading this. I’m just done; I’m all spent up.’, and if you haven’t, then you haven’t been writing for very long. Many of you are probably there right now, I know I could say I’m on a plain between that and ‘I feel pretty good about my writing’, of course writing is always a sport played on unstable ground, because if it was stable, no one would want to play: who wants to play it safe when you can play with chance? When you can play the game of thrones and win or die, why ignore chance? Anyhow, to start your morning off before you shuffle to open your Word Document of your latest rubbish story, let me tell you that: you’re right.

You’re right.
Your writing sucks, like really hard. This short story that you’re working on right now? Yeah, it really is bad, I mean 3,000 words into it and you still have no exposition whatsoever? And what’s this sorry attempt at a deep metaphor? Oh, and the whole dog dying thing, that’s totally been done a hundred times. Oh, I see here that you’re trying to be all sophisticated like George RR Martin or Vikram Seth and spend a thousand pages talking about nothing because you’re just that good before you actually get to anything important: yeah, this…this isn’t working out.
You’re totally right about all of that.

But, you just need to move on.
One of the worst things that you can do as a writer is let someone say all that stuff about your work and take it lying down. Because now they’re just stamping on your face, and you’re in tears because now you really give up, because you just can’t face the fact that you’re a terrible writer anymore, but I’m here to tell you to suck it up. Just. Suck. It. Up. You are a writer, you are as strong as a Spartan. You’re putting yourself out into the world, you’re letting people look at you from the inside, you’ve allowed yourself to be a class box, and you can’t let yourself just crack at the slightest criticism. I’m here to tell you that: yeah, this story might suck, but it’s not going to be the last story that you ever write. You have thousands, millions of stories in you: this is just one. The forest is huge, it’s massive, it has lakes, hills, mountains, ancient, oaks, and buried treasure, and as you explore this vast unknown landscape, you have to understand that sometimes you’re going to come across little squirrel bones or just more buried rocks; you’re not always going to stumble across a UFO.

But the key is: to just move on. You still have thousands of miles worth of forest to explore, and there are plenty of UFO’s out there: and lots of bigger stuff too. Never let one story trip you up, but even moreso, don’t let it go unfinished. I can’t tell you how many stories I have left unfinished either because I was too lazy and set up camp, fire, and Satellite or I just couldn’t bear to finish it, but I’ve changed. Finish everything that you start, good or bad, you have to finish digging and leave breadcrumbs behind so that way when you find the UFO between the trees, you can look back an see how far you’ve come.

Keep writing, and stay strong and fly high my ravens!