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by jonnahzkennedy


Starting tomorrow, the novella that you see above will be sold on Amazon for FREE. This is a limited time offer that begins June 6th and will end on June 10th. Get this novella, only 30 pages, now while it’s still free before it returns to it’s regular price of $1.25! It is the first episode in the Place Beyond the Courtyard Series, an epic, dystopian retelling of Dante’s Inferno, that questions and contemplates the morality of human beings and war. Here is the synopsis for episode I:

Mizraph looks through the diamonds of a chain-link fence out to a world that doesn’t know he exists. He looks out to a world of darkness, where he knows war and death lies. Of course, these things also reside within the walls of the massive prison he and his brethren call Mazland. In a dystopian Russia, war cries out though the world, the skies are always gray, and death is a constant companion to those who reside in the massive prison-concentration camp where Mizraph lives. Mizraph has gone every day of his life beyond his twelfth believing that there is nothing waiting for him in the world, and he has gone every day knowing that his life was insignificant, but when he is bestowed his six year old brother, he suddenly realizes that he has a greater destiny, one that involves escaping the darkness: escaping hell. 

In the first episode of this haunting retelling of Dante’s Inferno, we are introduced to compelling characters, a dark setting where the wind’s song is a constant tune the prisoners tap to, and any man can die, we learn that violence can often be the only answer to peace.

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