Expecting Something Out of Nothing

by jonnahzkennedy

So you wrote a book. 


Great for you, let’s all have a party! Oh my God, you wrote a book, well champagne to you,sir! I can’t believe, it you wrote a book; ma, get the champagne, George wrote another book! Wow, another one, how are the other one’s doing? (A lie through your teeth), well I’ll get the champagne; Hey, we’ll even order pizza! Oh, so what’s this one about? (You ramble off about your book in a terrible attempt to explain all of it’s many complexities and metaphors, soon you give up when you realize that your brother has long since stopped listening) Oh-yeah, you’ll have to give me a copy sometime, eh, Georgie? (The exchange of nudging and laughs, as you fight bitterly against the want to actually give him a copy of all of your books because by this time, you have a whole goddamn bookstore in your trunk, and some of them aren’t even your own books, they’re the books of your far more successful writer friends who thought that by selling their books along side your books you’d get more sales, but six books later, you realize this is not the plan you thought it was)

In short, your writing career is not going as planned. 

And why?

Because, yo’re expecting something out of nothing.