Test Your Might!

by jonnahzkennedy

So it’s spring break, I’m a lonely writer with a lot of work to get done, so what do you do? You make a blog, that’s what. I  have a 21,000 word story due Monday, and I have about 4,000 words of it done. Will I get it done? Will I flop? I don’t know, it’s not likely though, I might get most of it done…If I can milk out some more ideas, because I think I already wasted my free drivel card (if only I had bought more of them while I was out the store, of course, George R. R. Martin had already bought them all, a new shipments not coming until…well until The Winds of Winter comes out because Martin has to buy some more for A Dream of Spring, I really don’t like him sometimes; leave some for the rest of us why don’t you?) so I actually have to come up with some narrative. This should really be fun, me trying to figure out what happens next when I really don’t know. I mean, there’s going to be a pipe bomb involved, I know that much at this point, but I don’t know: do I want this story to reflect what’s going on in Crimea right now, or do I want a flat out prison story with some awful twists as my main protagonist tries to dig a hole with his bare hands.

Well, I’m sure you’re not very interested in my qualms as a writer trying to figure out what he needs to write next in his story, so why don’t we get to know each other, why don’t we? Hi, my name is Jonnah, it’s right there on the badge people, it should be very obvious. I write horror storeis, supernatural stories, or really any story that catches my fancy. Oh just saying that word makes me feel so fancyI’m currently working on the second draft of my most recent novella The Farm which is a dystopian horror tale, that I hope to find an agent for by the end of the year, and at some point, I can hopefully find a publisher for it so that everyone around the world can be grossed out and horrified by my MC’s hallucinations and descriptions. Here’s one such description:

“”Ya, I covered my eyes–dey had dem chickens angin’ upside-down on ‘lectric wires, live too,. They was squirmin’ and jerkin’; some of em’ was fried, and like da kind wit batta, I mean fried where dey was burt, they eyes had popped outta they heads, and they featha’s was ruffled so much dey was almost indistinguishable, and had it not been fo dey ‘hite featha’s–and bein’ da Chicken House an’ all–I wouldn’t have known dey was chickens in da first place.”

To be honest that was actually part of a narrative from another character, but you get the drift of the story I would hope. So, I think that’s all I want to say for now, hopefully some of you stick around because this was only an introduction, a little something to sweetin’ you up and get you to come back (till next time). On this blog, I should note, that I’ll be giving writing tips, talking about th writing life, updating my progress on any works in progress, etc. Hopefully you will enjoy this little ‘journey’ let’s call it as I go through it! If you would like to read the first draft of The Farm and help me write the second draft, go here: http://figment.com/books/655680.

You may or may not regret your decision by the time you finish the first chapter :D. So now to try and test my might (as I listen to the classic Mortal Kombat theme song and stave off hunger with a nice sandwhich and a water) and see how much I can get done of this 21,000 story before the days is out.